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stable gear consisting of a blanket placed under the saddle

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Photographs from the early 20th century to the present day complement the images of decorative saddle blankets, beaded ornaments and ceremonial masks.
Once the basic horse is completed Noreen sets about painting, attaching mane and tail, making the saddle blankets, saddle and bridle.
CRITTER: "Four dapple-gray horses, with fancy filigree painted on their saddle blankets.
with classic, banded patterns that recall saddle blankets.
We went through the lariats, mess kits, saddle blankets, spurs, and neckerchiefs.
The horses are also uniformed with green saddle blankets emblazoned LASD, and bridles with a sheriff's star and logo.
The wooded cheek pieces of their harnesses are carved with animal figures, while their saddles are decorated with gold leaf, leather, and felt and rested on red saddle blankets.
NEW YORK-With their Navajo-reminiscent patterns, spicy color palettes and flatweave construction, they look like saddle blankets from the Old West.
Carry out the theme with a limited number of smaller elements--wall hangings, accent pillows, or cafe curtains--using Western textiles, from saddle blankets and rugs to fabric with cowboy motifs.