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Iraqi leader who waged war against Iran

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The actor revealed that he resented the way Saddam was executed, despite the fact that he opposed his dictatorship and politics.
Saddam's attitude toward Iran comes out in debriefings of the jailed Saddam by an Arabic-speaking FBI agent.
The name Saddam Hussein became a byword for evil during the latter part of the 20th century.
Of course, the relative quickness with which the Saddam Hussein regime fell demonstrated that the administration, in this and similar statements, had greatly overstated the threat.
Regardless of what his opponents think of him, however, the fact that Saddam was executed under the watchful eye of the US, at a time when Iraq is occupied, makes him a national hero to the Arabs.
Saddam made a prison, and a graveyard, of his country.
Master Sergeant Robert Ellis said Saddam showed him a soft side, sharing memories of his children when they were young and rarely complaining about life in jail.
Saddam was buried in the centre of Ouja, a small town outside Tikrit, Saddam's power base 80 miles north of Baghdad.
As the 42-year-old Saddam coolly puffed on a cigar, names of the supposed plotters were read out.
But there are other dictators who should also be made accountable by the United States, and I hope the work doesn't end with Saddam Hussein.
The physical transfer of Saddam to Iraqi authorities was one of the last steps before his hanging.
The relationship of Saddam Hussein to the development of the visual arts needs much examination and elaboration that is beyond the purpose of this essay.
The prime minister's thinking is probably best captured by a 1999 speech in Chicago about international affairs, whose importance is aptly noted by Coughlin: "If NATO were able to stop Milosevic in Kosovo, it would send a warning shot to other dictators--such as Saddam Hussein.
Saddam trial latest:A woman testified from behind a screen - her voice disguised but her weeping still apparent - that she was stripped and tortured with beatings and electric shocks by Saddam Hussein's agents in the trial of the former president and seven lieutenants yesterday.