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Egyptian statesman who (as president of Egypt) negotiated a peace treaty with Menachem Begin (then prime minister of Israel) (1918-1981)

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Sadat himself emphasized during his visit to Israel that peace with Egypt could not be separated from the fate of the Palestinians.
Al Sadat switched Egypt's alliance under Nasser from the former Soviet Union to the US that brokered the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.
Begin also withdrew Israeli troops from the Sinai peninsula and Sadat opened the Suez Canal to Israeli ships.
According to Kipnis, Sadat was ready to begin formal negotiations in September 1973.
Islamists claimed that Sadat was a traitor for signing a peace treaty with the Zionist enemy (Israel) who was occupying Palestine (note that when assuming power in Egypt in 2012, President Morsi confirmed his commitment to Sadat's peace accords).
President Sadat was airlifted by helicopter to a military hospital, but he died about two hours later.
Even before the new disclosures, the fact that Sadat had made several peace overtures was no secret.
The brother of the assassin of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat returned to Egypt from exile in Iran Sunday and surrendered to the authorities, an Agence France Presse (AFP) correspondent reported.
Sadat grew up in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime when girls could not go to school.
That was a carte blanche for destroyers and--all proportions kept aside--recalls the point of no return created 40 years ago by Egypt's late President Anwar Sadat vis-a-vis his Soviet allies.
Sadat had begun to worry about his future since the October 1973 war ended, and felt it would be prudent to find someone who could serve as president should anything happen to him.
Location : El Sadat City, Egypt Details : Egypt's Environmental Affairs Agency has approved the establishment of a new ceramic and porcelain factory in El Sadat City, with an estimated investment cost of EGP180 million ($32.
CAIRO: The daughter of Egypt s slain president Anwar Sadat has filed legal complaints against the producers of an American film which portrays a dog named after her father, her lawyer said on Saturday.