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a person unreasonably held to be immune to criticism

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In sections on forbidden food, sacred cows, and holy wars, he discusses aspects such as from community regulation to big business, the limits of law in regulating religious rules, kashrus and the courts, law and politics in a cut-throat business, kosher meat scandals in America and abroad, and oddities and excesses.
The council does have sacred cows and it has a duty to safeguard them.
I am from Birmingham, so my only sacred cow is Jasper Carrot.
According to Celtic mythology, Ireland was first gifted with cattle when three sacred cows rose out of the sea and came ashore at Baile Cronin.
Sir - With apologies for the expression, is it time, in Eisteddfod week, to look at two of the most sacred cows in the promotion of the Welsh language?
Expect all sacred cows to be thoroughly slaughtered.
We will turn every stone on the way, nothing will be unchecked and there will be no sacred cows,' he said.
take on sacred cows," you can bet they have gays and lesbians in mind.
Partly, it's the sheer appeal and satisfaction of skewering sacred cows, liberal ones especially--and there are, God knows, so many that deserve skewering.
was a national bestseller, and his book Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers made Business Week's bestseller list in its first month of publication.
That is, it everything cannot be accomplished--especially in an environment of scarce resources--what sacred cows should be abandoned al this point in time?
But we know Chicagoans care about this kind of journalism--journalism that isn't afraid to ask uncomfortable questions, to draw ire, to dig deep and to challenge sacred cows.
After poking mathematical holes in superinvestor Warren Buffett's fundamental notions and other sacred cows of Wall Street, the author offers his own advice: Stick to index funds.
Bill Maher's now canceled Politically Incorrect slaughtered herds of sacred cows, and his recent When You Ride Alone You Ride with Bin Laden (New Millennium) slices and dices America's greed, selfishness, and gluttonous oil consumption while taking more than a few pokes at Washington's prosecution of the war on terror.
As a "believer," a critic on the side of the author's presence in his work, Defaux takes on such scholarly sacred cows as Pierre Villey, as well as those among his own contemporaries, whom he dubs the "doubters," who are more attentive to the gaps and the inconsistencies of the text," than to the continuities of the human presence within it.