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(Roman Catholic Church) the body of cardinals who advise the Pope and elect new Popes

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Several months earlier, on 1 July 1517, the pope had packed the Sacred College with Medici partisans who could help secure such a succession.
If he did decide to hand over his duties, a successor would be chosen by the Sacred College of Cardinals.
In the second section of the second part Vones details how Urban renewed the Sacred College by appointing fourteen new cardinals during his pontificate, a replacement of two-thirds of its personnel.
This spectacle--the elevation of 44 more men to the Sacred College of Cardinals in Vatican City--rivals the pomp of British monarchy and the circumstance of aristocracy.
I see you wear your political T-shirt Wear your sacred college scarf Discussing the world situation but just for a laugh"
HAIRS: Sacred College Sam is now regularly shaving any hair he has on his chin and top lip with an electric razor because he does not want to be scrutinised about it again following last Monday's incident.
President Mary McAleese said: "I extend sincerest best wishes to you on your elevation to the Sacred College of Cardinals.
On Tuesday, 14 January 1483, the preeminent Cardinal of the Sacred College, Guillaume d'Estouteville, lay ill in Rome.
And any election to appoint his successor would be carried out by the Sacred College of Cardinals.