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an extinct Osco-Umbrian language of ancient Italy that survives only in a few inscriptions

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Third, both theologians, therefore, sustained the anti-Arian character of the doctrine: Schleiermacher more centrally than Rahner, because of Rahner's seemingly equal antipathy to Sabellianism.
In the first group of letters, she debated a gentleman on the doctrine of the trinity, standing firm in her assertions that he was dangerously close to the ancient heresy of Sabellianism.
On this issue I would respectfully suggest that Williams read Bulgakov's vigorous criticism of panlogism, impersonalism and Sabellianism in Hegel's work, written in 1921 in his Tragedy of Philosophy.
It does not matter whether one scrutinizes Pope's "School Divine" or William Empson's wicked dictator of Paradise Lost, or attempts to ascertain the exact quality of Milton's Arianism, Sabellianism, Socinianism, or general rejection of Nicene Trinitarianism in De Doctrina Christiana, the problems are apparent.
Further divided by secondary differences (imperial politics, Sabellianism, and the competence of the see of Rome) the two sides reunited only after the decline of Athanasius' influence from the late 360s.
So the question was seeking an answer that would somehow affirm the true divinity of the Son in a way that avoided both Sabellianism on the one hand, and any hint of subordinationism on the other.
Although he makes a passing reference to Sabellianism, he offers no discussion of second-century views of adoptionism or modalism.
37) The classic instance of this for the second century is the nomination of Sabellianism or Monarchianism--"One Power in Heaven"--as "Judaism.