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a sharp blow

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hit swiftly with a violent blow

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Whenever we visit Swat we go to Chail valley to enjoy trout fish because eating fry fish in a cool and scenic environment makes our trip delicious and memorable,' Akbar Aman, a tourist from Mardan who was eating trout fish with his family in Chail valley, said.
The bees are kept in Swat commonly, and the honey is famous all over the country, the Swat River serves as a permanent fishery throughout the year and trout fish are reared in farms.
Very few eco-friendly or research-oriented tourists visit Swat.
Statistics reveal that most of the areas in Buner, Shangla and Kohistan still depend heavily on Swat district for their health facilities, education and daily utilities.
The civil society of Swat has expressed concerns and recorded protests against the rising incidents of honour killings in the district, subjecting NGOs, government policies and law enforcement agencies to sharp criticism for failing to prevent such events from happening.
According to Senior Superintendent Alexander Tagum DCPO chief, the expanded SWAT team will provide the city with a capable tactical response which will help prevent the occurrence of another Marawi siege.
The acquisition of Swat which generates 50% of its revenue from subscription based products is consistent with Wilmington's strategy of acquiring complimentary businesses with high repeat revenues and strong, cash generative income streams in the group's key markets.
Though I practiced for more than a year with them, I wasn't able to serve on an actual raid with the Pierce County Sheriff's SWAT team because of my assignment to Fairchild, which came right as I finished training, but am grateful to them for opening up the doors for me.
Commenting on the effectiveness of the offensive, Mukhtar Yousafzai, head of the independent Swat qaumi jirga, said: "In Swat, it was the state agencies that groomed, promoted and protected the terrorists.
Nisar, also known as Ghazi Baba, one of 15 Swat insurgents commanding a 10 million rupee (120,000 dollar) bounty offered by authorities in May, was killed in a clash just outside Swat s main town Mingora on Wednesday, the army said.
It ranges from beginnings of peace in violence-wrecked Swat to ongoing negotiations between the principle interlocutors, the ANP government and the army, and the TNSM Chief Sufi Muhammad; from the emergence of common position between the governmentAEs principal interlocutor Sufi Muhammad and the governmentAEs principle antagonist Maulvi Fazlullah of Swat Tehreek-i-Taleban Pakistan (TTP) to points of debate or even disagreements between them.
A senior member of the ruling Awami National Party in Northwest Frontier Province said Wednesday a peace agreement with local Taliban militants in the Swat valley is virtually dead because the Taliban have failed to honor the agreement.
THE Los Angeles Police Department's SWAT unit may be the best in the country, but that hasn't stopped Chief William Bratton from seeking to overhaul it in a way that could prove destructive.
ON SEPTEMBER 23, 2006, a SWAT team stormed the rural Virginia home of A.
Unlike many competing technologies, SWAT simulates the effects that the operations in the source code might have in the runtime environment, rather than searching the source code for known, dangerous coding patterns or potentially sloppy coding constructs.