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a cooler darker spot appearing periodically on the sun's photosphere

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Whatever the theory of sunspots might be, their appearance must first of all be explained, and this appearance has yet to be explained by any theory that compares them to clouds.
A solar flare can occur when the magnetic fields at the darker part of the sunspot, the umbra, and the lighter part, the penumbra, are facing away from one another.
Researchers at the University of Wales, Cardiff, blame the epidemic on high-energy sunspots which brought cosmic dust into the Earth's atmosphere.
The following day, the leading sunspot had reduced in area but the overall area for the group was similar and was reported as visible to the protected naked eye on April 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7.
Pesnell believes the same thing could be happening now, as sunspot counts jumped in 2011 and dipped in 2012.
MIAMI, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- For nearly half the residents of humid regions, the arrival of summer brings a skin condition known as Tinea Versicolor, or sunspots.
Researchers need to monitor the sun for at least an 11-year sunspot cycle in order to subtract out the dimming that occurs when sunspots grow across the sun's surface.
Statistically significant differences were found between areas that produced groups of sunspots (called active regions) as compared to areas that stayed sunspot-free.
Although sunspot groups were reduced in both hemispheres the south remained active, however the north remained dominant.
The most striking feature of the complete SN [sunspot number] profile is the uniqueness of the steep rise of sunspot activity during the first half of the 20th century.
The Sun and UV section features Sunspot, a character who discusses some of the dangers of too much sunlight.
Also low-lit, very romantic and serving excellent food is the Sunspot, a poolside bar and grill at Makanda by the Sea, a spectacular and expensive enclave of villas and studios that is within walking distance of La Mansion.
Modern research under the heading Sunspot Cycle tells us that, from 1645 to 1715, there was a drastically reduced number of sunspots, and this period was unusually cold on earth and was referred to as the Little Ice Age.
The "Detroiter II" manufacturing chuck from Sunspot Tooling Systems, compliments its SquareOne system by offering more features at a lower cost.
Paul Travis launched the first SUNSPOT QuickGreen Cuisine in the Seattle area in 1994 in a converted Kentucky Fried Chicken site.