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an internationally recognized distress signal in radio code

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The SOS "Desks for a Difference" cause campaign will launch this November during National Orphan Awareness Month and continue throughout 2014.
The National SOS public emergency network is comprised of the 100 million low-cost Family Radio Service (FRS) and FRS-compatible radios already in use for camping, boating, hiking, biking, etc.
The SOS Partner Dashboard is centralized management tool for an entire online backup business.
Experimental test of a Hartford-area receiving station: Concurrent with the short-range neighborhood tests, the National SOS Radio Network will conduct an experimental test between one of its FCC-licensed receiving stations and the general public in the west-central area of Connecticut.
Shaw actively monitors and participates in the SOS Partner Beta Group forums, in which SOS's partners suggest features and then vote on them.
Click here to see the full list of upcoming SOS webinars.
With its organization continually expanding throughout the world, International SOS needed to expand and bolster its relationships with its current corporate customers, as well as establish new ones.
If you own a small or medium IT shop, SOS can add an entire line of online backup products to your service offering," said Ken Shaw, CEO and Founder of SOS Online Backup.
SOS for Android is the only app of its kind backed by a cloud provider of SOS's caliber," said Ken Shaw, CEO and Founder of SOS Online Backup.
According to International SOS President and CEO Arnaud Vaissie, "As a multinational organization in the truest sense, International SOS appreciates and applauds the leadership FORTUNE exhibits in putting together this extraordinary forum.
Macs are known for being simple but powerful and our new Mac app was built with the same philosophy," said Ken Shaw, founder and CEO of SOS Online Backup.
I admire the holistic solution of caring for children that SOS has developed over more than 60 years and look forward to helping those children who have been hardest hit by economic circumstances, war and disease.
President and Chief Operating Officer of SOS Evan Demestihas, M.
Music from movie will benefit at-risk children through SOS Children's Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina