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(genetics) genetic variation in a DNA sequence that occurs when a single nucleotide in a genome is altered

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Allan Miller said: "The SNP will never work with anyone - it's their way or not.
The SNP government in Edinburgh sold Serco, which is its favourite private operator, the Northern Isles ferry services to Orkney and Shetland a few years ago.
SNP MPs would have had no power other than that which Scottish Labour MPs would have enjoyed, unless Mr Cameron granted it to them by withholding such an arrangement.
Gordon Brown, on the stump in Renfrewshire to support Douglas Alexander, said his former cabinet colleague could do more in 50 minutes to achieve "positive change" than 50 SNP MPs could over the next five years.
The speech was the latest stage in Conservative attempts to highlight the possibility of the SNP working with Labour if the General Election on May 7 resulted in a hung Parliament, an issue which has dominated the election campaign this week.
And it followed the launch of the SNP manifesto - in which the Scottish National Party pledged to ensure the North East gets a fairer share of spending on major infrastructure projects.
More than one third of 2010 Labour voters in Labour-held seats, plus nearly half of those who voted Liberal Democrat, said they intended to vote SNP at the general election in May.
A word of caution, however: particularly in the case of SNPs linked to a gene allelic form, the linkage is not absolute, and dissociation of the SNP from the linked allele can occur, with increasing frequency as the SNP and gene are further apart.
Senior Lib-Dem Tavish Scott had earlier ruled out a deal with Labour and when asked if his party would either do a deal with the SNP or go to the backbenches, Mr Scott said: "That's the position.
4] (equivalent to one SNP every 1,500 bp between any two chromosomes), and the SNP frequency across the 180 chromosomes averaged one SNP every 173 bp.
However, there are signs in more recent ballots that the impact of Scottish devolution has reduced the appeal of the SNP.
Two companies specializing In technology for SNP research are Illumina and Sequenom, which both make integrated systems for large-scale genotyping.
The web site walks the researcher through the design of the primers needed for conducting allele-specific PCR against the SNP target of interest.
This collaboration focuses on one of the most promising areas of SNP research -- the whole genome mapping studies that are setting the stage for the practical application of SNPs," said Michael Boyce-Jacino, Ph.
NASDAQ:AFFX) today announced the full commercial launch of its SNP Array 5.