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If you attended this symposium, you had a chance to meet their newly elected officers -- President Bret Verzwyvelt, VP Jim Waugh, Treasurer Maj Steve Ordonia, Secretary SMSgt Tim Burke and Directors Rich Welch and Chuck Turk.
SMSgt Cunningham's review and reporting of numerous program budget decisions were instrumental in providing financial planners sufficient time to research alternatives to pending changes.
SMSgt Samuel Evans, originally from Rhode Island, joined the Air Force in 1989.
I thought the editor's response to SMSgt Mars' comments about Jenny Carney's dress [March-April 2011 Airmail] while at work was appropriate.
SMSgt Guillebeau was walking on the Tyndall AFB beach when she discovered what appeared to be an unexploded ordnance (UXO) device that had apparently washed up on the shore.
SMSgt Pias is the Superintendent of Financial Operations at Headquarters Pacific Air Force.
SMSgt John Nordquist and I made the plan to meet at the big loon on Long Lake by Vergas, Minnesota, for an evening of ripping lips and talking smart.
Through his commitment to every task, he has earned a multitude of awards ranging from his selection as the AFDW Headquarters Staff Airman of the Qtr (Jan-Mar 2011), AFDW/A8 Airman of the Qtr (Jan-Mar 2011, Oct-Dec 2011 & Apr-Jun 2012), the AFDW/A8 SMSgt Margaret Francis Barbour Tuskegee Military Award Nominee, the AFDW/A8 2011 Airman of the Year, and his promotion to SrA below-the-zone.
SSgt Rupert Wicks and SMSgt Armstead used a 1,100-gallon waste water trailer normally used to drain rainwater from flight line fuel hydrants to clean up the spilled fuel from the ground.
Sharon Donburg; Chief, Workforce (703) 695-0140; DSN Development, Education and Training 225 Capt Martin Philogene; Chief, Officer (703) 697-8662; DSN Development 227 SMSgt Joanna (Michelle) Ogden; Enlisted (703) 697-6410; DSN Training Manager 227 FM Professional Development Hub https://ofkm.
The advance team did a great job of working with the Keesler folks and prioritizing where we would go to work," said SMSgt Paul Johnson, 823rd RED HORSE heavy equipment superintendent.
San Antonio Chapter members and guests enjoyed a real treat at the March 2007 general membership meeting when Bryant Vardeman, SMSgt, USAF (Ret.
by SMSgt Cliff Motley, HQ ACC Safety, Langley AFB, Va.
In May 2004, SMSgt Doug Fratoni, 62nd Aerial Port Squadron, hosted 35 members of the chapter at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
Enlisted operated at operation locations (OPLOCs) and SMSgts were assigned to MAJCOMs.