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the compass point that is one point east of southeast

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Disel NR, Akpinar AA, Sebe A, Karakoc E, Surer S, Turhan FT, et al.
Most of the verbs which appear in the same clauses as sebe take the genitive case in OCS, so they could not co-occur with se, which according to descriptive sources realizes the accusative case.
Dr Sebe added that the continued unrest was part of the backlash against the military rulers who many Egyptians see as a block to last year's revolution.
Interestingly, Elena's daughter - Anamaria Sebe, was in Bahrain last year when she inspired her side to win the team event.
2) Gorodok v tabakerke: Vzroslye o detiakh i deti o sebe.
I refer to you cow of Sebe, male diviner from Qelekaqushe.
6) Jose Carlos Sebe Bom Meihy, A Colonia Brasilianista (Sao Paulo: Nova Stella, 1990).
Jose Carlos Sebe Bom Meihy, in his introduction to Carolina's poems, notes that politicians interpreted Carolina's life to suit their own purposes.
His freedom-loving sentiments and his bitterly skeptical evaluation of the times in which he lived are embodied in his philosophical lyric poetry--"Duma" ("Thought"), "Ne ver sebe .
One of them, Ciskei Chief Lennox Sebe, has already been deposed by a military coup supportive of the A.
Mothusa modulasetilo wa komiti ya ditlhabololo tsa motse wa Mahalapye, Rre Orelebile Baatweng a re le ntswa Puso e na le mananeo a a ka tlhabololang Batswana le lefatshe la bone, sebe sa phiri ke badirelapuso ba ba gogang dinao mo tirong.
Tarikatiste meli obecne blizko k nacionalistum a v rade poloh nelze obe kridla od sebe ciste oddelit, jelikoz klasickych sekularnich nacionalistu bylo relativne malo--nabozenskou retoriku nemohli ignorovat ani oni, byt' to casto prinaselo az komicke situace.
The signatures are portable, thereby enabling SEBE stonia to electronically archive their signed logs without loss of legal strength; this substantially reduces the bank's risk as well as their overall paper-based and digital archiving costs.