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SEPS is the standard deviation of analysts' earnings forecasts.
Figure 7 shows that the size of the dispersed phase of SEP was the smallest and that of SEPS was the largest.
Requiring no trenching or cabling, SEPS installs quickly without the need to involve specialized work crews.
As of June 2004, a total of 184 SEPS were known to NASEN, operating in 36 states, DC, Puerto Rico, and Indian Lands (D Purchase, NASEN, personal communication, 2004), indicating that trends might be changing and require additional monitoring.
Windels is currently CFO of two biotechnology companies, Pronota NV and SEPS Pharma NV.
production facility for making SEBS and SEPS resins and compounds, underscoring its commitment to the North American market for soft-touch TPEs for consumer and auto-interior applications.
For example, participation by IDUs in SEPS in Tacoma was associated with substantially lower risk for hepatitis B and hepatitis C among IDUs (sixfold and sevenfold lower, respectively) (6).
forces against booby traps and car bombs, this team designed, developed and fielded SEPS during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.