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Liverpool Naval Club, 38 Bowring Park Road, 0151 280 5051, - Sat 24 Sep - Sun 25 Sep The Patriots - Lost In Lights EP Launch Citadel Arts Centre, The Citadel, 01744 735436, - Sat 24 Sep, PS6.
F Pte M Fahy, Sep 3; Pte L Firth, Sep 13; Pte F Foster, Dec 10; Pte J Fox, Sep 3; Pte W L France, Jul 2; Sgt W D Fraser, Sep 8; Pte M Freedman, Sep 19; Pte E French, Feb 28, J French, Oct 1.
Clarification End date 05 Sep 2015 ( 2:00 pm) 05 Sep 2015(2:00 pm)
Free on Truck - Hamburg Soymeal 44%, Hamburg Rapemeal, double zero, Hamburg Sep 10 308.
Canterbury Keynes College Univ of Kent 01227 787476 Martin Charles The English Parsonage, Roger Turner Russian Churches, John Piper-Tapestries, Textiles and Prints to 17 Sep
Wed Sep 15 Fenerbahce v Sparta Prague Wed Sep 15 Lyon v Man Utd Tue Sep 28 Sparta Prague v Lyon Tue Sep 28 Man Utd v Fenerbahce Tue Oct 19 Sparta Prague v Man Utd Tue Oct 19 Fenerbahce v Lyon Wed Nov 3 Man Utd v Sparta Prague Wed Nov 3 Lyon v Fenerbahce Tue Nov 23 Sparta Prague v Fenerbahce Tue Nov 23 Man Utd v Lyon Wed Dec 8 Fenerbahce v Man Utd Wed Dec 8 Lyon v Sparta Prague
SEP updates shall include results of completed technical reviews.
BABAYARO (Chelsea): September 6 v Arsenal, Sep 9 v Newcastle, Sep 14 v St Gallen (UEFA Cup) Sep 16 v Leicester, Sep 23 v Man Utd, Sep 28 v St Gallen (UEFA Cup), Sep 30 v Liverpool.
As a result of 10-Q's input, the SEP was changed from a witch hunt on silica to a focused effort on workplaces, where either employees had silicosis or had a high risk for developing this disease.
Coverage of part-time employees: Unlike a qualified plan (in which employees who always work less than 1,000 hours a year may be excluded), a SEP arrangement must cover part-time employees (except for the limited exclusion for employees who make less than $396 (as indexed) during the year).
We believe the SEP has demonstrated the power of RGB's VIA technology and laid the groundwork for the success of our BNP and MMC products, as well as other advanced products still to come.
The Black E, 1 Great George Street, 0151 709 5109, - Fri 09 Sep - Sat 10 Sep Lennon - Through a Glass Onion After blowing audiences away and generating rave reviews the smash hit show celebrating the genius, music and phenomenon of John Lennon returns to its spiritual home.
Pickard, Jul 2; LCpl N Pickles, Jul 7; Pte H J Pinder, Sep 3; Cpl J W Pogson, Jul 13; Pte H Pollard, Sep 3; Pte W Poppleton, Nov 3; Pte G Pownall, Jul 12; 2Lt W Preston, Jul 4.
Qasim Zia (Shaheed), Sub Mohammad Jahangir Ahmed (Shaheed), N/Sub Mufti, Engrs, N/Sub Allah Bux (Shaheed), Hav Mohammad Shahid (Shaheed), Hav Mohammad Wafa (Shaheed), Nk Irfan Ullah (Shaheed, Nk Fida Ullah Khan (Shaheed), Nk Sabir Hussain (Shaheed), Sep Ayaz Ahmed (Shaheed), Sep Salman Ali (Shaheed), Sep Noor Ahmed (Shaheed), Sep Iftikhar Ahmed (Shaheed), Commodore Zahid Ilyas, SI(M), Capt Jamal Alam, TI(M), Air Commodore Shafqat Mushtaq (Late) Wing Commander Aatir Mehboob.
Palm oil, Mal/Sumatran origin Palm oil, Mal/Sumatran origin crude (max 5% FFA), refined, FOB Malaysia CIF Rotterdam Sep 10 unq Sep 10 unq Oct 10 unq Oct 10 unq Nov-Dec 10 unq Nov-Dec 10 unq Jan-Mar 11 unq Jan-Mar 11 unq Palm olein, Mal origin, RBD Stearin, (Poram), RBD (max 0,1% FFA) FOB Malaysian FOB Malaysian Sep 10 unq Sep 10 unq Oct 10 unq Nov-Dec 10 unq Jan-Mar 11 unq Palm Fatty Acid Distillate FOB Malaysia Sep 10 unq Palm kernel oil, Mal/Indo origin Coconut oil, Phil/Indo origin max 5% FFA, CIF Rotterdam 3-4% FFA, CIF Rotterdam Sep-Oct 10 unq Sep-Oct 10 1230.