special drawing rights

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reserve assets in the International Monetary Fund


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innovations have enabled wideband RF front ends and soft transceivers, reconfigurable MPMB SDR base stations are one solution to this problem.
We thus decided to join the SDR Forum as the organization provides us with access to leading industry experts from both the public and private sector.
Our goal is to provide 'total customer service' to our SDR users to help them focus on their core business of building and selling radios," said Dominick Paniscotti, vice president of engineering, SDR products, PrismTech.
SDR developer productivity is greatly enhanced - in terms of both time and code quality - through the advanced model-driven development and domain-specific language technology incorporated in Spectra Tools: unnecessary complexity is eliminated, code correctness and robustness is ensured and overhead is minimized.
This is another in a series of liaison agreements that the SDR Forum has concluded with industry consortia that are important influences for our own membership," said SDR Forum Executive Director Allan Margulies.
The SDR Forum, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, is an international industry association dedicated to supporting the development and deployment of software defined radio systems that enable flexible and adaptable architectures in advanced wireless systems.
PicoZed SDR enables engineers to start application-level development immediately with the same system-on-module that will be used in production, reducing the risk and time required to develop and deploy production SDR equipment.
The precise amounts of each currency were determined so that the value of the new and existing SDR baskets were the same on the last working day, December 30, 2010, before the new basket came into effect on 1 January 2011.
Also new to Plastic Trends' product offering are Ultra Heavy Duty[TM] Gasketed SDR 14 Sewer fittings, commonly referred to as MONSTER fittings.
It appears the Army Master Data File (AMDF) is being used to identify the Source of Supply to address SDR.
a leading provider of SDR based wireless processing technology, today announced that HY-SDR Research Center, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea invited Sandbridge Technologies to participate in long term planning and development of research for SDR-based technologies in Korea and appointed Mr.
Over the past year, many enhancements have been made to the SDR Web site and the legacy systems to make the in-transit tracking systems and processes even better.
This submission database works in conjunction with the SDR database to reduce manual entry of data and ensure validation of entries.
CyberAladdinT's unique and flexible architecture offers choice of DDR or SDR memory interfaces.