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The SDE is calculated by dividing the average flow rate from all three strips by the average sprinkler nozzle flow rate and correcting by the ratio of strip width to sprinkler head spacing.
The SDE board is making a proposal to the Reform Party to adopt Eiki Nestor as the joint candidate of both parliamentary groups in the first round.
78) Tal splendor formae emerge del SDE no en cuanto formula, pero si en lo que se refiere al splendor y a la forma, sobre todo, cuando se trata del misterio del ser y el bonum, cuya relacion con el pulchrum especifica Alberto, diciendo <<de bono, quod habet rationem finis, et de pulchro, quod dicit ornatum.
Notably, the FPC payments are meant to reimburse SDE Land for the land-acquisition costs, which it had pre-financed through the proceeds from the MTN issued under the programme.
Through IDE and SDE, the Air Force offers motivated individuals unique developmental opportunities that are unparalleled in the private sector.
The two companies said SDE - which resulted from the merger of their respective technical services operations - would give industry customers a technical 'one-stop shop' for the dispensing of ale from cellars to pint glasses.
Results of the present study indicate that the 13 teachers at Charleville SDE were using teaching strategies and facilitating interactions that reflect the major tenets of constructivist philosophy.
Paulo de Tarso Ramos Ribeiro, the secretary of the SDE, likened the practice to the bundling of Internet Explorer with Microsoft Windows--the tactic that triggered investigations by the U.
We are excited about the prospect of teaming with Microsoft in promoting our SDE and MapObjects software throughout Europe.
We are pleased that the LAUSD selection committee has recognized SDE's expertise as a preferred provider of effective and relevant professional development workshops for its private school educators, and entrusted us with the responsibility to work exclusively on conferences that meet the needs of the private schools in the district," said SDE President Gerald Hughes.
La SDE de Bejaia n'est pas en reste, elle qui doit recuperer un montant de 100 milliards de centimes qu'elle detient sur les clients domestiques.
The SDE will provide a complete digital product definition of a seat system, which not only facilitates sharing of design detail, but also reduces the need for physical prototypes.
Ansip ditched the junior coalition partner SDE after disagreements over the budget and failing to agree on the Employment Act, which is due to enter law on July 1.
SDE's national conferences provide in-depth, hands-on strategies to improve instruction in some of the most important aspects of education," said SDE President, Gerald Hughes.