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a digital recording (as of a movie) on an optical disk that can be played on a computer or a television set

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Available in both HD and SD formats, Sky News Arabia will broadcast free-to-air to over 50 million households across the MENA region and will also be available on the Sky platform in the UK.
For example, though you can't output all of these formats with the standard version, you can input GXF, MXF (including XDCam HD and MPEG-4 Proxy), AVID DNxHD, Blackmagic 8- and 10-bit, and many others, including all relevant SD formats.
Its built-in memory card reader supports CompactFlash and SD formats.
The CMC also provides an on-site teleport dedicated to occasional transmission that can support 72 simultaneous satellite or fiber feeds, in addition to a highly flexible and configurable network origination and playout facility supporting both HD and SD formats, and a VOD distribution platform that delivers more than 9,000 VOD assets from 275 content providers per month, reaching more than 40 million VOD-enabled TV households in the U.
Sony is expanding its lineup of memory card options for professionals to include newer and faster XQD and SD media, as well as card readers for the XQD and SD formats, and an XQD USB adapter.
The channel will deliver breaking news in both HD and SD formats focusing on the Arab world via twelve dedicated bureaus across the region and globally, as well as access to Sky News' international bureau network.
To be available in both HD and SD formats, the new channel will broadcast free-to-air to over 50 million households across the MENA region.
Each laptop can support all popular HD and SD formats, including HQ, DV, DVCam, HDV, DVCPro, MPEG-2 and uncompressed video.