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interface consisting of a standard port between a computer and its peripherals that is used in some computers

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One of the primary benefits of the SCSI interface over the ATA interface is its ability to support multiple devices on a single bus while providing higher reliability and signal integrity.
A: Yes a device with an Ultral60 SCSI interface can be placed on a Wide Ultra SCSI host adapter as long as the Ultra SCSI host adapter is single ended (SE) and not differential (HVD).
U320 SCSI offers twice the speed (320 MB/sec burst rate) and greater reliability than the Ultra160 SCSI interface.
With SCSI as the dominant interface in the open systems environment, tape libraries and the tape drives contained within the libraries used the SCSI interface.
The single ended SCSI interface became the interface of choice for internal applications and low-end systems, where price was the deciding factor.
Just remember you should buy the higher capacity, SCSI interface product called SC50 for you will need the 25GB capacity cartridge and you could use the existing SCSI host adapter that your current DAT drives are using.
5-inch solid-state flash disk with an Ultra Narrow SCSI interface designed for military, aerospace, telecommunication and transportation systems.
Q: The SCSI terminology page defines a maximum cable length for a SCSI interface running at maximum speed: Do you have the maximum length for an interface that is running at some other speed?
Medea Corporation today unveiled VideoRaid RT3 and VideoRaid RT3X, the latest additions to its award winning line of VideoRaid disk arrays and the industry's first ATA-based RAID storage solutions to feature a high-performance Ultra320 SCSI interface.
The compact 5-drive desktop VideoRaid RT2 features a single-channel SCSI interface and storage capacities up to 1.
M-Systems (Nasdaq:FLSH), a leader in flash-based data storage products, today announced the release of its new solid-state flash disk with Narrow SCSI interface.
The PlexWriter 40/12/40S delivers on exactly what our loyal customers asked for -- high-speed recording with a SCSI interface.
The RTR family of disk arrays features a high-performance Ultra160 SCSI interface that enables the desktop models to sustain a data transfer rate of up to 125 MB/second.
With its SCSI interface, this product hits the largest segment of the entry-level server market, providing an extremely good opportunity for our resellers and partners selling OnStream products.
Icons have been defined in SPI-2 annex for all the different SCSI interfaces.