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interface consisting of a standard port between a computer and its peripherals that is used in some computers

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the global leader in data storage access solutions, today extended its RAID and SCSI leadership with a new family of Ultra320 SCSI controllers that couple the industry's fastest data transfer rates with robust integrated RAID for data protection.
The SYM53C1030 PCI-X to Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI Controller is ideal for enterprise-class servers and RAID in storage networking environments.
The Fast Disk SCSI controller product line consists of the Fast Disk NC (non-cached), the Fast Disk EISA and the new Fast Disk VLB.
Q: We have an Ultra2 LVD SCSI controller and 15 UItra2 LVD SCSI 50GB or 73GB drives to connect together.
Q: Will adding an UltraSCSI device to an Ultra160 SCSI controller slow down the Ultra160 SCSI devices or will it keep the highest transfer rate of each device?
The industrial-grade robotic disc changer and SCSI controller are designed for an MSBF of 1.
Q: I was looking for information on your web site that would explain the difference between a SCSI controller and a SCSI channel.
Controllers and peripherals are the same as the TSS 1523, including the use of the Adaptec AIC-7902W dual channel Ultra 320 SCSI controller.
Ultra160 devices are backward compatible with Ultra2 controllers, but will run at the Ultra2 SCSI controller speed or 80MB/sec peak.
The POWERPRO 486DX2/50 is available in three models -- the 5CV with integrated IDE and floppy interface, at $5,295; the 340-5CVS with 340-MB SCSI hard drive and 32-bit SCSI controller, at $6,995; and the 535-5CVS with 535-MB SCSI hard drive and 32-bit SCSI controller, at $7,495.
Single channel Ultra 160 SCSI controller on PCI Mezzanine Card
A VAP version, which may be used with IBM SCSI controller cards, is also priced at $1,495.
It also offers the latest in storage technology, featuring the fastest U320 hard drives and an integrated U320 SCSI controller.
We have a new system with a dual-channel, on-board SCSI controller.