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interface consisting of a standard port between a computer and its peripherals that is used in some computers

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Easy to install, the TMC-1610M SCSI Controller has no jumpers or fuses, and a shrouded, keyed connector to avoid improper cable connection.
You can find out some basic information under Windows operating system by going to the control panel, select system, select the device manager, and select SCSI controller and the Hard disks.
At 160 MBytes per second and with CRC error checking, this high performance Ultra 160 SCSI controller complements SBS' extensive line of PMC products.
This occurs even though each item on the bus has its own ID and only the last item is terminated, with the SCSI controller providing its termination.
The SC6H SCSI-based subsystem may be configured for operation either through the cPCI bus using the onboard SCSI controller with boot BIOS ROM, or through the system SCSI host via J5 as an ultra-wide LVD or SE SCSI peripheral.
LSI Logic was first to introduce, sample and ship Ultra320 SCSI controller solutions.
A: If you are running Windows 95 or Windows 98, go to the Control Panel, then go to System and look for a SCSI controller in the Device Manager.
The SC6F is a fully integrated SCSI storage subsystem incorporating up to 4 GBytes of flash memory, a hot swappable PC card slot, and a SCSI controller with boot BIOS ROM on a single slot 6U CPCI plug-in card.
During start up, the SCSI controller sends an inquire command for each devices' capability.
This SC6M model integrates an SCSI controller, boot BIOS ROM, and two hot swappable hard disk drives in a RAID mirror configuration, all contained on a 6U CPCI plug-in card.
Offering an extremely stable motherboard (Intel(R) STL2) for optimum networking performance, the Phoenix 4U incorporates the Intel(R) Pro100+ NIC (Intel(R) 82559 chipset) and integrated Adaptec AIC-7899 SCSI Controller.
Adaptec, Interphase, JNI, LSI Logic and QLogic will display Fibre Channel adapter cards; 3Com and Broadcom will show Gigabit Ethernet adapter cards; LSI Logic will debut their Ultra320 SCSI controller card; Mylex will present a PCI-X RAID controller design; and Agilent, FuturePlus and VMetro will demonstrate their PCI-X exercisers and analyzers.
Adaptec has validated its Serial Attached SCSI controllers for compatibility with PMC-Sierra's maxSAS expander product family," said Paul Vogt, director of Internal Storage Business Line for Adaptec.
Dual Ultra160 SCSI controllers for dedicated host and archive channels