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a neutral middle vowel

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There is an unmistakable distinction between the carrying out of the schwas notated with tied notes, and the ones notated with individual notes, as Example 9 shows.
In all the instances where Debussy notated the schwas with tied notes, Garden altered their duration and carried them out, mostly as type 0 or type 2 schwas.
In "Prison," she carried out all eight final schwas notated with a tie as type 2 schwas (Example 11).
Panzera recorded extensively Faure and Duparc songs, and his performance reveals a slight tendency to carry out final schwas as type 0, although the majority of the traditionally notated schwas remain sung for their full value.
Panzera respected the articulation markings, notably the staccatos, but ignored all but three muted es notated with a tie, which he performs as type 2 schwas.
The song contains only two schwas notated with a tie, and one with an acciaccatura.
As displayed in Example 18, the majority of the schwas notated with a tie over a rest were carried out as type 0 schwas; the majority of those notated with an appoggiatura were phonated very briefly as type 1 schwas; finally, the majority of those notated with tied notes were delayed and carried out as type 2 schwas.
Overall, there were 137 occurrences of atypically notated schwas within the examples displayed.