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an independent agency of the United States government that protects the interests of small businesses and ensures that they receive a fair share of government contracts

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As previously disclosed, SBA's board of directors authorised SBA to take all necessary steps for it to be subject to tax as a real estate investment trust for US federal income tax purposes commencing with SBA's taxable year ending 31 December 2016, and SBA proposes to complete the merger to ensure the effective adoption of certain charter provisions that implement standard REIT-related ownership limitations and transfer restrictions related to its capital stock.
TRUTH: SBA loans require just two additional pages of paperwork from the applicant than conventional commercial loans do: (1) an IRS request for tax transcripts to verify tax information furnished with the loan application, and (2) a personal history form to verify legal residence and check for criminal background.
An SBA spokesman did not return calls seeking comment, but industry experts blamed the interruption on the program's own success.
The SBALowDoc (low documentation) program, for example, was created for fast processing (the SBA says approval time is 36 hours or less) and has just a one-page application.
The Small Business Administration determined that Corio represented the best value to the government for this critical Federal Financials cross-servicing project," said Tom Dumaresq, chief financial officer at SBA.
When there were no responses to its letters, FIRE initiated a public-exposure campaign urging SBA members to "reaffirm their commitment to tolerance, openness, and pluralism.
The SBA will match the amount of the miero-loan with grant money when possible.
The SBA Loan Programs offer distinct advantages over standard commercial mortgages:
As is the case with SBA loans, however, Technical Bulletin no.
The SBA 100 companies include businesses in a variety of industries, from manufacturing, to food and beverage, to shipping.
Under the deal, SBA will merge with and into SBA REIT, with SBA REIT continuing as the surviving entity of the merger.
The SBA, which secures about $10 billion in loans nationwide each year, will guarantee loans of up to $750,000 issued to filmmakers by one of 100 participating banks under the partnership agreement signed Thursday with independent filmmaking trade groups in Los Angeles and New York.
This SBIC, licensed with the SBA, targets women- and minority-owned radio and television stations and invests in start-ups and expansions.
Introducing the program, Susan Engeleiter, SBA administrator and chairperson of the National Women's Business Council, said, "Women are starting new business ventures at a rate 1.