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one of the three prairie provinces in west central Canada

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Sask authorizes an allotment of outfitter permits to hunt specific zones.
During the 2007 exploration season to date, Sask Co.
Also of note, incumbent Greg Ottenbreit, of the Sask Party, won his Yorkton riding.
The exploration concept upon which Kimber-X is proceeding on its Sask Craton project is that not all kimberlites at Fort a la Corne have been discovered.
North Sask Special Needs works in a collaborative team manner that enhances opportunities for vulnerable people in our tri-community group of participants, NSN Executive Director Deri-Ann Ratt said.
During the second quarter of 2007 Kimber-X acquired a 55% interest in the Sask Craton Joint venture significant diamond property in close proximity to the Fort a la Corne kimberlite fields.
We are excited to continue our relationship with Sask Polytech, says Michael Sazynski, SASTT president.
Under the terms of the Option Agreement, Kimber-X has the right to earn a 55% undivided interest in the Sask Craton Property.
a pre-tender meeting will be held at 1717 Elphinstone Street Regina, Sask for the purpose of allowing inspection by prospective bidders and answering questions.
I was sorry to read that Lawrence Flett (Church that once brought pain now soothes soul of lay student, September Journal) has bad memories of his days at Gordon School in Punnichy, Sask.
Andrew's in Saskatoon, he attended the United Church after retiring to Lumsden, Sask.
Marie - home to the federal Great Lakes Forestry Centre and the provincial Ontario Forest Research Institute - the eight-employee firm also maintains an office in Prince Albert, Sask.
a pre-tender meeting will be held at City of Regina Darlene Hincks Room at City Hall, 2476 Victoria Avenue Regina, Sask for the purpose of allowing inspection by prospective bidders and answering questions.
As the Federation works in the areas of education, employment and training, and resource development we will continue to engage the governments of Canada and Sask.