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SACLANT but COMNON was under SACEUR, there was no higher-up command with overriding authority to take on overall responsibility for airspace management.
In a wartime situation the delineation of COMNON and COMSTRIKFLTLANT airspace would probably have run east to west, with SACLANT responsible up threat.
Another option would be to establish another four-star billet as SACLANT.
A final option would be subordinating SACLANT within the SACEUR structure and either a European or American naval officer filling the billet.
In this Colbert acted as Admiral Zumwalt's personal representative as well as the prospective SACLANT chief of staff.
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At Norfolk Naval Air Terminal the daily operations continue as a Department of Defense (DoD) transportation hub, providing service not only to Navy but to Army, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, NATO, and SACLANT forces worldwide.