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Synonyms for enrage



Synonyms for enrage

to cause to feel or show anger

Words related to enrage

put into a rage

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We also detected a slight cross-reactivity with S100A12, S100A9 *, and S100A9 on the NP20 spectra after eluting S100A8 (the sequence homologies of the S100A8, S100A9, and S100A12 proteins are around 40%) (32).
Lastly, a comparison within the rheumatic inflammatory disease groups revealed that the S100 proteins weakly distinguished PsA and AS patients, whereas the S100A12 protein was the only variable that significantly distinguished RA patients from PsA patients.
S100 protein peaks were not correlated in PsA or AS patient groups with the CRP, SAA, or log MMP-3 (except for S100A12 in the PsA group) serum concentration, or with clinical variables, including the number of swollen or tender joints and the BASDAI (data not shown).
In this study, we used the SELDI-TOF MS approach to detect S100A8, S100A9, an S100A9 variant (S100A9 *), S100A12, SAA, SAA-R, and SAA-RS, and we identified these proteins by WB, immunodepletion, and nano-LC-MS/MS.
S100A12 provokes mast cell activation: a potential amplification pathway in asthma and innate immunity.