Rutherford B. Hayes

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19th President of the United States

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What progress had been made by black Americans evaporated with the inauguration of Rutherford B.
This article examines the question of the presidency of Rutherford B.
The previous year's presidential race between Democrat Samuel Tilden and Republican Rutherford B.
Grant, while the second volume, released in November, spans Rutherford B.
The event, which also features an Easter egg hunt, dates back to 1878 and former President Rutherford B.
As the sun broke over the Potomac and the ghost of Rutherford B.
On November 13 the Brooklyn-based band Oneida released "Power Animals," a song about the bitter 1876 contest between Rutherford B.
To help students understand that the election uproar has a parallel in history, In 1876, a similarly close election--also involving disputed ballots from Florida--gave victory to Republican Rutherford B.
When George Curtis, the editor of Harper's Weekly and a friend of the president, proposed a resolution stating that "the lawful title of Rutherford B.
2 Congress accepted the commission's decision, which awarded all the disputed votes to the Republican candidate, Rutherford B.