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The clotting properties of Russell's viper venom actually make it useful in (http://en.
He begins by visiting Sri Lanka, home of the Russell's viper,an aggressive snake which injures 30,000 people a year and kills hundreds of others with its deadly venom.
The one with the most insidious effect is the Burmese Russell's Viper," Bryan says.
The most aggressive snake is Russell's viper, which is prevalent in Myanmar.
The man was collecting venom from a Russell's viper at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine when he was bitten.
However, there are 15 varieties that are poisonous and four of them -- cobras, Russell's Viper, saw- scaled vipers and kraits -- are the most common.
5 g/L) and mixed with citrated plasma, followed by activation of factor X with Russell's viper venom.
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