Russell's body

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an inclusion body found in plasma cells in cases of cancer

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Gary Bornholt said Russell's body left Afghanistan on Monday aboard a U.
He examined Lin Russell's body and confirmed she was dead.
Instead, two ferocious shots hit Russell's body and a third was booted off the line.
And 65-year-old Mr Russell's body went undiscovered from the time of his disappearance in November last year until April, an inquest heard yesterday.
Mr Russell's body was eventually spotted an hour later, but attempts to resuscitate him failed,
The family member said that father Jim - who had to identify Russell's body - was "too upset" to talk about the tragedy.
When examining Mrs Russell's body, he discovered a lax stitch that could have been responsible, and added that heparin, which she had been given to thin her blood following the clot, may have increased the flow.
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