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the times at the beginning and end of the working day when many people are traveling to or from work

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A survey of the slowest A roads during the morning rush hour has revealed the worst ones are in the West Midlands.
But, trains are run at 20-minute intervals during rush hours.
Combined with the recent pinch point funding that we won in partnership with Coventry City Council which has started work on the Kenilworth Road/A45 junction and a large number of roads in the area, this should ease the rush hour traffic jams of the mornings and early evenings.
Abu Dhabi Traffic Police is urging motorists to take extra care on the roads during Ramadan, particularly in the rush hour before Iftar.
IF YOU'RE stuck in traffic during rush hour, make sure it's not London or Manchester.
I would imagine that those people who in the rush hours wait 10 minutes, and sometimes more, for a Metro, pictured, will be wondering where all these Metros seem to have disappeared to.
The research taken from the Department of Transport statistics bulletin for 1999-2004 shows that 2pm to 5pm on Sundays is the busiest time of the week after Saturday lunchtime and weekday rush hours.
Pickpocket incidents occurred most often during peak shopping times, which usually occurred outside the station, or during evening rush hours.
JR East) said Thursday it will ban use of cellular phones in principle from Monday on commuter trains operating in the metropolitan area during rush hours.
From 1975 to 1987, the share of interstate highways in metropolitan areas that were congested during rush hours rose from 42 percent to 63 percent, according to a study by Clifford Winston and his colleagues at the Brookings Institution.
Citroen analysed journeys during morning and evening rush hours in February.
Roughly 70 percent of the traffic on the freeway is southbound in morning rush hours and the same percent northbound in the evening.
5 persons in every vehicle on the road during morning rush hours by 1999.
Autos with multiple riders during rush hours will be able to travel 35.
When the lanes actually open sometime Friday, autos with multiple riders during rush hours will be able to travel 35.