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Antonyms for ruminant

related to or characteristic of animals of the suborder Ruminantia or any other animal that chews a cud


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And as so many species, both living and extinct, of these same genera inhabit and have inhabited the Old World, it seems most probable that the North American elephants, mastodons, horse, and hollow- horned ruminants migrated, on land since submerged near Behring's Straits, from Siberia into North America, and thence, on land since submerged in the West Indies, into South America, where for a time they mingled with the forms characteristic of that southern continent, and have since become extinct.
The goat genome is the first reference genome for small ruminant animals and may help to advance the understanding of distinct ruminants' genomic features from non-ruminant species.
No anthrax or Peste des petits Ruminants, Peste of small Ruminants (P.
Dubai: The Veterinary Services Section of the Public Health Services Department at Dubai Municipality has declared that very high levels of protection are in place against the small ruminants diseases that afflict livestock.
External Parasites of Small Ruminants offers a wide-ranging set of insights recommended for farming and veterinary holdings alike.
If farmers are considering importing ruminants from the affected parts of continental Europe, the NFU would strongly recommend that they discuss their plans with their vet first to reduce the risk of buying in the virus.
Restrictions on feeding animal by-products to ruminants such as beef and sheep would remain in place, but pork, poultry and farmed fish producers could make use of PAP once more.
This is directly linked to the fact that current outputs of meat and milk from ruminants are relatively low, as are the levels of self-sufficiency in these products, which are exacerbated further by increasing imports at high cost.
Over 200 papers cover energy/proteinomics and mitochondrial functions, staple isotopes and other techniques in metabolism and nutrition, energy/protein tissue metabolism, systemic and local regulation mechanisms, energy/protein and their interaction on productive functions in ruminants and monogastrics, energy/protein nutrition and environmental sustainability, energy/protein metabolism and nutrition and health in farm and companion animals, evaluating and modeling feed values and requirements for ruminants and monogastrics, the influence of energy/protein metabolism and nutrition on product quality, and in vitro techniques and feed nutritive value.
Provimi intends to invest in NASSA and to develop its business in new areas such as poultry and ruminants, using Provimi's expertise.
The CSIRO team has compared metagenomic libraries of the Tammar wallaby foregut microbiome with those of ruminants, and identified several unique bacterial lineages.
Patent Office has granted Novera a patent on the use of wet brewers grains in the production of all vegetable protein supplements for ruminants.
In some regions of the world, ruminants subsist entirely on these feedstuffs.
Summary: DUBAI - All live birds from South Africa and ruminants from Madagascar will not be allowed into the UAE.