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Synonyms for Rumanian

an eastern Romance language spoken in Romania

a native or inhabitant of Romania

of or relating to or characteristic of the country of Romania or its people or languages

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In terms of experience with the job market in Spain, the Rumanian immigrants' own perceptions reveal a positive perspective of the host country.
He and promoter Eddie Hearn are working on a home and away deal to meet Canadian based Rumanian Lucian Bute for his IBF belt.
But if I can say something distinguishes Rumanian film it is the idea that something very small that happens to you is as good a subject as a saga.
It has also boosted its flights with a new daily frequency to Barcelona and a new route to Bucharest with Rumanian State carrier Tarom.
German, Italian, Rumanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Czech, Hungarian, and
Its questioning, upward-turning Cavatina motif broadens into a yearning Dvorakian theme, and the Moravian folk dance theme has the mystery of, say, Bartok's Rumanian Dances, and broadens into a playful fantasy.
He survived the same Rumanian fascist work camp as his fellow poet Paul Celan, only to be arrested by the Russians in 1947 and interned in the Gulag for ten years.
In short, an album of handwritten poems was given by the poet, only days before her detention, to her love, who was himself put into a Rumanian labor camp.
National identity is a dangerous and unreal construct, argued the Rumanian writer Mircea Cartarescu in one of the seminars at the lively book fair in Gothenburg, Sweden, this past September (www.
During World War II he served as a lieutenant in the Rumanian Army Medical Corps.
I have several of the surplus bolt-action Rumanian Model 1969.
A sampling of topics: a usage-based approach to prototypical transitivity, transitivity and referentiality in Spanish and Rumanian, unsubcategorized objects in English resultative constructions, complex predicates in Basque, soft causatives in Spanish, a cross-linguistic inquiry into the nature of lexicalization patterns, and a study of the prefix pro- in Serbian.
The Rumanian international jinked past two defenders but his shot fizzed just wide.
Is a Rumanian citizen and knows very well the Rumanian language;
Ormesby's Danny Reed won his qualification group with a narrow victory over the Rumanian Hunor Szocs.