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In Rumania, you work for a month and live for a day' (man, 44 years old)
To date, ZTE U-series solutions have been widely deployed in over 40 countries including China, Chile, Rumania, Egypt, Malaysia, Mauritius, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Senegal, etc.
El presente libro representa una intervencion interesante; analiza el antisemitismo interbelico en el entorno de Rumania con el objetivo de obtener unos textos y discursos provenientes del mundo cultural y academico.
She was born on December 28, 1913 in Reznin, Rumania, the daughter of Meyer Abram and Ida Grossman and came to the United States at the age of 17.
Moreover, Paschalides said that the objective of the meeting was to strengthen the relationship with Rumania, while both sides agreed that there is room for further cooperation in many sectors of the economy.
issue of Roma gypsies which France last week started to send home to Rumania
Gazprom intends to direct the South Flow via Rumania.
According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, only four countries have ratified the CSC -- the US, Argentina, Morocco and Rumania.
Aunque hubo grandes subidas de tonelaje en Bulgaria, Rumania y Eslovaquia, no fueron lo suficientemente altas como par contrarrestar las agudas perdidas en la Republica Checa y Polonia.
Speculation has been rife in the Spanish press that La Seda de Barcelona, Europe's biggest producer of PET with plants in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Rumania and the UK, could be looking to shed manufacturing units following announcement of a major restructuring in June.
Bulgaria, Serbia, and Rumania was and is that the church stay out of politics and government heads not meddle in church affairs.
It operates manufacturing plants in Spain, the Czech Republic and Mexico and has additional logistic centres in Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Poland, Rumania and Turkey.
Four hundred inventors from Russia and 24 countries around the world, including Iran, Australia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Germany, India, Rumania and Serbia participated at the 11th Moscow Archimedes Industrial Innovations Fair.
The international students will study at Harper Adams University College in the UK, the Ecole Superieur d'Angers, in France, the Catholic University of Piacensa, in Italy, the University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine at Cluj-Napoca, in Rumania, and the University of Leon, in Spain.