Ruhr River

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a tributary of the Rhine

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Probably unwittingly, members of the Tar-Pamlico community took a leaf from the Ruhr River story.
The goosebump-filled pic is based on the true story of Germany's improbable '54 World Cup title--won in Bern, Switzerland--mixed with a fictional tale of a wide-eyed 11-year-old fan whose grumpy father; a German foot soldier held for a decade as a prisoner of war in Russia, returns home to a bleak Ruhr River valley coal mining town and straggles to fit in.
The book takes you on a photographic journey from the Barcelona Botanical Gardens to the physically ventilated RWE Tower near the Ruhr River in Essen, Germany.
Young Coaching Genius Juergen Klopp Leads the Seven-Time German Champions Against the Legendary Raul and the Royal Blues in an Historic Ruhr River Derby with the Supercup Title at Stake on July 23 (rd ) in Gelsenkirchen.
In the center of the German line lay the Ruhr, a heavily industrial region defined by rivers on three sides--the eponymous Ruhr River on the south, the Rhine on the west, and the Lippe on the north.
Duisburg is a steel-making town of around half a million on the confluence of the Rhine and Ruhr rivers that boasts the world's biggest inland port and is one of Germany's most important transport and commercial hubs.