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Austrian philosopher who founded anthroposophy (1861-1925)


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Mondrian writes a letter to Rudolf Steiner about his paintings, and he does not react," Tempel said.
The school zone will begin just south of the Rudolf Steiner School, which is situated at 480 High St, and end on the south side of the intersection with Kind Edward St.
He is the author of four books, and will soon publish a new book on Rudolf Steiner 's anthroposophy and the environmental movement.
Bio means life and dynamic means force and was introduced by the Austrian Rudolf Steiner in 1924 in an attempt to deepen our understanding of the life forces that underlie nature's processes in order to produce food of the highest quality.
Emsisoft decided to do something different for Christmas this year, and become part of a local charity project that has a direct impact on the surrounding community: the Motueka Rudolf Steiner school in New Zealand which is in urgent need of a new school building.
Some were quite direct, such as ziindeln (Kindling), 20 13, a swastika made out of matches; others, such as portraits of James Joyce, Rudolf Steiner, Ezra Pound, and Hermann Rorschach (all based on images from around 1913), more generally evoke the literary and psychosocial climate of the time.
Particularly valuable sections are those examining the influence of Rudolf Steiner and 'Joseph Beuys, Anarchist', which emphasises the artist's interest in the 'cooperative impulse' and in the idea that the connectedness of all beings can further a kind of spiritual knowledge.
Barfield also mentions a number of authors, books, and articles that he feels support his theories regarding mind, matter, and investigating the inside of the mind with instruments belonging to the inside world, for which he of course refers to Rudolf Steiner.
In order to remove any doubts about that, in the further parts of her book Leavitt uses as reference above all texts of the at the time rampant "theosophy," especially those by Rudolf Steiner, author of pertinent publications, and who even once granted Kafka a brief audience.
Analisaram-se as obras seminais da medicina antroposofica: os cursos oferecidos por seu fundador Rudolf Steiner para medicos e estudantes de medicina (16-18) e outros abertos ao publico geral sobre temas medicos (19,20).
The fee-paying school, based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner, is privately run and describes itself as an "alternative independent school".
FISTA is the first and only school in Lebanon that follows the Rudolf Steiner education philosophy.
Ironically, the most expensive and exclusive (early) childhood schools in New York City are those that borrow the names of Rudolf Steiner and Maria Montessori, both of whom believed in alternative models of education and living.
This collection of eight essays looks at Rudolf Steiner in the context of American philosophy and American philosophy in light of Rudolf Steiner.