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Rudbeckia Goldsturm, which produces large yellow daisy blooms with contrasting black centres, makes a perfect partner for old-fashioned Michaelmas daisies.
Clouds of small-flowered asters sparkle in the background and hosts of yellow prairie daisies, rudbeckias and helianthemums take up their posts in a relaxed sort of a way.
Late summer can be a time when colour is at its hottest, when blazing crocosmia, burnt orange helenium, bright yellow rudbeckias, acid green euphorbias and an array of other plants come into their own.
Gloriosa daisy, a favorite of flower gardeners, is a tall cultivar of Rudbeckia hirta.
The grasses Schizachyrium scoparium and Tridens flavus and the forbs Rudbeckia amplexicaulis, R.
Rusts and chocolates color chrysanthemums, many black-eyed Susans (also in the rudbeckia family) and sunflower hybrids.
We're planting out a few spare pots of Rudbeckia fulgida x deamii to help the garden resound with yellow.
At the end of summer and as autumn sets in, waves of rudbeckia and aster eclipse all earlier excitements at Glebe Cottage.
Cone flowers, also known as Black Eyed Susan refer to two useful late summer flowering perennials - rudbeckia and echinacea.
Gallant contributors are Dahlias, Cosmos, Chrysanthemum segetum, Chamomile, Rudbeckia, Helenium, Bidens, Centura, Osteospermum and Coreopsis, and so many more.
I find myself engaging in conversation with strangers whose gardens I admire and often coming away with a handful of seeds to propagate myself: cleome, or cat's whiskers; rudbeckia, or black-eyed Susan; salvia, both red and blue; gallardia, the gorgeous purple daisy-like flowers; clary sage and garden sage; basil and calendula and pot marigold; all sorts of minds and lambsears and poppies and hollyhocks and lemon balm .
It is stunning when planted in a group or with the contrasting daisy flowers of golden yellow Rudbeckia hirta Marmalade and Heliopsis scabra Golden Plume, or the bold blooms of day lilies or hemerocallis.