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the act of adding salt to food

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He said: "Having lost my wonderful son, the damage that these boys did was like rubbing salt in our open wounds.
It would have been rubbing salt in the wound as she had been in Charles and Diana's marriage from day one.
The company owners have been accused of rubbing salt in the wounds of its 250 staff in Swansea who are about to find themselves out of work in a few weeks.
And to have the county do nothing and give us nothing but trouble is like rubbing salt into a wound.
BIRMINGHAM City charging more to watch two mediocre clubs than Arsenal or Chelsea is really rubbing salt into the wound.
Tigers' scrum half John Jenkins touched down under the posts in the final seconds, rubbing salt into the Demons' wounds.
THE Racing Post has made its feelings plain about the hopeless planning which allowed the William Hill Blue Riband to be overshadowed by other events, but it was rubbing salt into the wound when Hall Green included a routine maiden event in last night's Sky show around the final.
Hounds romped to a 7-0 whitewash over their luckless visitors with Graham Proctor rubbing salt in the wounds with a brilliant seven-baller in the third frame.
The sparks over America Online (AOL) Inc's instant messaging service - AIM - offered a new twist to the Microsoft antitrust case on Thursday, in a day that otherwise seemed concerned with rubbing salt into old wounds.
I guess many would say I am simply rubbing salt into the wound if I were to suggest that the six figure expense of the library fiasco could have been spent on this worthy event.