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Synonyms for Williams

United States country singer and songwriter (1923-1953)

English philosopher credited with reviving the field of moral philosophy (1929-2003)

United States poet (1883-1963)

United States baseball player noted as a hitter (1918-2002)

English clergyman and colonist who was expelled from Massachusetts for criticizing Puritanism

United States playwright (1911-1983)

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Former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, circled on the left of the school picture
The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, centre, passes his crosier to The Very Rev Dr Robert Willis, Dean of Canterbury Cathedral in Kent
Dr Rowan Williams told the General Synod the Church of England had "undoubtedly" lost a "measure of credibility" in wider society following the defeat of the legislation.
Rowan Williams, 61, who was confirmed as 104th Archbishop of Canterbury and spiritual leader of the 77 million-strong Anglican Communion in December 2002, said that occupying the post had been an "enormous" privilege.
Mr Wallis, 70, a grandfather-of-two, said: "It was very nice to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.
Below is the commendation of Archbishop Rowan Williams that I read upon the presentation of the CCL Lifetime Achievement Award by CCL President Harold K.
Jim will explore various topics with Dr Rowan Williams ranging from life as Archbishop, inter-faith relations and contemporary issues.
LONDON: Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, criticised US foreign policy - especially in Iraq - comparing it unfavourably to British colonialism in an interview with a British magazine.
The Church Times columnist Andrew Brown drew a comparison with his predecessor: "The trouble with Rowan Williams is that he can never remember that he is Archbishop; the trouble with George Carey was that he could never forget.
Dr Rowan Williams said there was a place for finding a "constructive accommodation" in areas such as marriage which could allow Muslim women to avoid western divorce proceedings.
Dr Rowan Williams said he was very concerned by reports that a review ordered into 24-hour drinking by Prime Minister Gordon Brown last year would conclude that the legislation has been largely a success.
ENI) -- Pope Benedict XVI and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, prayed together and remained committed to strengthening Roman Catholic-Anglican ties but they acknowledged division over key issues, including the ordination of women priests and the role of homosexual clergy.
In mid-September, Archbishop Rowan Williams warned of a new generation of "infant adults" who, deprived of a secure childhood, grow up to become violent and dysfunctional.
Bishop bear One of the handmade Rowena Bears (above) and Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams
WHAT a buffoon is Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury.