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English form of rondeau having three triplets with a refrain after the first and third

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(heraldry) a charge in the shape of a circle

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The most intricate examples of circumvented cyclicality are the individual roundels themselves.
This roundel, while not of imperial standard, is nonetheless a fine example in excellent condition and as such is worth pounds 200-pounds 300, which is why I was delighted to come across it priced at just pounds 20.
14) Here, the obverse face has just the same decorative forms as on our cross, combined with roundels in relief; these also form a deesis (albeit in vertical form) and further portraits are of the two archangels, Michael and Gabriel, rather than Michael and St Theodore.
The third roundel bears the inscription "These enamels painted by P.
It took 3265 pieces of the sticker roundels to make the poster.
95 roundels of venison in madeira sauce with root veg mash pounds 15.
The other is Smoked Haddock with Leek in a Cheese Sauce, also skinless and boneless fish with a topping of roundels of leeks in a Cheddar cheese sauce.
Of interest to many may be the depiction of manufacturer and ordnance repair factory butt roundels and cartouches as well as the SMLE butt marking discs (brass or steel).
LRT claim there are nine breaches of copyright at the Dundee pub and have ordered Kenny to destroy copies of LRT-like roundels.
The large gates, each half hinged in the centre and decorated with flowerheads, roundels and scrolls centred with the initials of CB - Corporation of Birmingham - once stood at the Smithfield Fruit and Vegetable Market in Moat Street.
Roundels were painted on the walls throughout in various Martha Stewart-ish colors.
In the painstaking codicological investigation which introduces the facsimile, Dr Henry justifies the modern title she gives the work and describes in detail how the picture series is made up of twelve pages of illustrations, each carrying five roundels and two half-roundels.
The exterior is presented in black coachwork with magnolia hide, black painted wire wheels, red painted grille and racing roundels, whilst the car - registration MDA 818 - is also supplied with a history file, current road fund license and MoT road test certificate valid until January 2011.
Part of Corpus vitrearum, a massive project to catalog stained glass in collections worldwide, this volume presents the first volume in a series surveying the silver-painted glass roundels and panels, which depict Christian stories as well as heraldry, that were widely used in non-religious and monastic settings in Flanders.
The enamelled terracotta roundels of the Labours of the Months that Luca della Robbia made for the scrittoio between 1450 and 1456 are wonderful objects in their own right.