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a tournament in which every contestant plays every other contestant

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a letter signed by a number of people

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All the 26 participating National teams will be competing on Opening Day and day one to four of the event will feature round-robin action of each pool.
They will play the host nation, who aided their advancement and who inflicted an 11-2 defeat on Aileen Neilson's rink in the round-robin stage.
Canada claimed a 9-6 win over Britain in the round-robin clash between the sides but that score doesn't tell the full story of a match that could easily have gone either way.
It was then confirmed by the start of their later fixture that they had defi-nitely made it straight into the semis, due to that final session's pre-game draw shots and the average it left them with for the round-robin stage in comparison to their rivals.
Skip David Murdoch claimed the tie-break left him with mixed feelings, despite his rink finishing the round-robin with three defeats.
They were unable to end the round-robin stage on a positive note, however, letting a 7-4 lead slip going into the final end and allowing the Danes to level at 7-7, before Lene Nielsen won the decisive extra end.
The women lost a difficult round-robin opener against reigning Olympic champions Sweden 6-4.
The 13/U tournament for boys and girls featured a timed round-robin event in which all participants played all other players in their assigned group.
Manni claimed her division crown after excelling on the third and final day of event, which featured a round-robin for the under-12s, followed by te semi-finals and the final.
He made the final in 2008 having topped the round-robin standings and could offer the best outright value of the preferred quartet of Trump, Ding and Higgins, who endured a disappointing 2011-12 season.
Men's Conference North side Harborne's faint hopes of survival in the national league were dashed when Farnham of Conference West defeated St Albans of Conference East 6-2 in the final round-robin match and thereby gained maximum points.
Under the present format, the top eight in the singles and doubles are divided into two groups and play three round-robin matches against the other three in their group.
He belongs to the Parish Round-Robin Bridge Club and is past district council president of the St.
Danny Buffalo, who coached the Alberta boys team, was hoping for some better playoff performances, because his club fared well in its final round-robin match, settling for a 3-3 tie against Saskatchewan, which went on to win the gold medal.
Canada will face Germany, Russia and Sweden in round-robin action at the world tournament.