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a brachycephalic person

a supporter of parliament and Oliver Cromwell during the English Civil War

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Storylines include the merits of 20th-century inventions, Karl's suggestion for population control and how philosophy has evolved through the ages, as well as Karl's round head and his thoughts on charity.
The missing car key is described as an ordinary Ford ignition and door set, without a fob and is attached to a golden Yale key and two silver Yale keys, one with a round head and the other square headed.
A Domed or round head wood screws are extremely hard to find.
JULY 2006:Allegedly slapped assistant and beat her round head with BlackBerry.
That distinction belongs to Hieronymus Bosch, a melon round head leering with a pumpkin's grin.
Moonface Boy whose large round head contains sublunar thoughts sly and
A 1993 cutout design for a display window at Galerie Lukas & Hoffmann, deliberately crude yet still mannered, depicts a beer-drinking fat boy with conspicuously rosy cheeks, his round head framed by a sunburst ruff.
A HUGE weekend for Traffic@ Careys, in Hertford Place, The Butts, with a visit from house music supremo, legend and all round head honcho Tony Humphries (below).
We're trying to make a round body and round head,'' said Edwardo, who came prepared for the ice with a snowflake jacket, hat and warm gloves.
A toothbrush with a round head, it is designed to get into the crevices of the tongue, whereas a tongue scraper does not penetrate the tongue's uneven surface.
Hollywood might cast Thomas as an old Roman Senator with his bearish build and big round head that has grown bald back to a fine garland of white hair, but he doesn't have the garrulous, wine-spilling personality.
These upright wooden citizens all start with the same round head, stubby little arms, and cylindrical bodies of various lengths.
Round Head Ltd - Rowyell Roasters Ltd - The Saunders & Stone Prtnshp Ltd - Sovereign Food Group Ltd - Square Pie Ltd - Studleigh-Royd Ltd - Sun Valley Foods Ltd - Telmara Farm Ltd - Thorne Poultry Ltd - Yorkshire Game Ltd
Storylines include the merits of 20th-century inventions as well as Karl's round head and his thoughts on charity.