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of or relating to or characteristic of the country of Romania or its people or languages

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The orchestra under the spectacular Roumanian conductor Ion Marin included Night on the Bare Mountain and the Overtures Rienzi and Romeo and Juliet.
He invited my wife, Melissa, and I to join him later for dinner at a legendary restaurant, Sammy's Famous Roumanian.
that Roumanian who played Phedre in French at the Mur d'Orange.
7 different signals broadcast from Paris covering all continents - A signal specific for TV5MONDE Quebec-Canada broadcast from Montreal - 189 million homes with TV5MONDE in over 200 countries and territories - 54 million viewers each week (average audience) - 11 Francophone radio broadcasting partners (France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, ARTE France, RTBF, TSR, Radio Canada, Tele Quebec, RFO and CIRTEF) - Programmes subtitled into 9 languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Roumanian, Russian and French) - 5 million monthly visits to the TV5MONDE website http://www.
each night and then take whoever was still at the office out for dinner to places like Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse.
1/10/1939 36 ("Enigma") Elgar Suite, "The Wand of Youth" 1/18/1932 Enescu, George Roumanian Rhapsody no.
He gives one of the best performances of the year as Gregor Antonescu, a Roumanian financier whose advice has been sought in happier days by Presidents, Ministers and massive business corporations.
La << big Bolschevik meeting >> qui a quand meme eu lieu le 4 mai dans l'enceinte du Roumanian est ainsi interpretee comme un geste de provocation qui legitime la repression a laquelle se joint une << patriotic wave of humanity >> estimee a plus de 15 000 personnes.
For instance, the principal has a pet Wolf, and most of the students look similar--tall and pale, with dark eyes and black hair, and Roumanian names.
GOING MY WAY: Paul Twomey from Cork outside the Ibaraki Stadium in Japan after Ireland's breathtaking draw with the Republic of Germany; HANDS ON: Packie Bonner, Ireland's goalkeeper in 1990, saves a Roumanian penalty and keeps Ireland in the World Cup
As a student at the University of Toronto in the mid-1950s, I frequently walked down to the Spadina and College area for some Jewish "soul food" at the Crescent Grill (for its special of weiners, eggs and beans), the Bagel (for various specials), Famous Dairy (for superb soup and blintzes), Quality (with its rude waiters serving excellent fare), Roumanian Grill (for delicious cabbage rolls), Becker's, Pancer's, Switzer's, and Shopsy's (for corned beef sandwiches), or one of the many other local Jewish eateries.
The Roumanian was signed from Athletico Madrid for pounds 2.
translations of Joyce into French, German, Italian, Roumanian, and
There is a revealing chapter on the Roumanian peasant army and their appalling casualties at the siege of Odessa.
Marie's cross-country journey on her private train, the Royal Roumanian, took two weeks.