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German breed of large vigorous short-haired cattle dogs

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The dog shows featured breeds like the Labrador Retriever, Jack Russell Terrier, Dalmatian, Saluki, Siberian Husky and Rottweiller.
Terrier F 5 M IVa L2 Buldog F 4 M IIIa L3 SRD M 10 C Vb L4 Rottweiller M 6 C Va L5 Poodle M 7 M Vb L6 Rottweiller M 4 M Vb L7 Boxer F 4 M IIIb L8 Poodle M 7 C Va L9 SRD M 9 C Va L10 A.
The ex-England captain said he would definitely give Claire, nicknamed the Rottweiller, a job after watching her on the hit BBC1 show.
The mum later made a tearful visit to the scene and left a cuddly toy rottweiller with a poignant note.
With Sybil, the family Rottweiller, and Gilmour's diminutive terrier Max for company, Scooby chases the cantering horses.
Un perro de raza Rottweiller ha sido recientemente el centro de otro caso similar en el que tambien las respuestas de simpatia de la opinion publica parecen contrastar con las actitudes mostradas hacia congeneres humanos.
El artifice de la aprehension no fue ningun superpolicia, sino Goliath, un perro rottweiller de 3 anos de edad entrenado como rastreador.
The headhunting was clever: Reynolds headed the negotiating thrust on behalf of wholesalers with Rottweiller zest, and Irish became the retail director, who understood what to do with shops.
I have to say that for an all-around devoted, trainable, intelligent, protective companion, I prefer the Rottweiller.
A MUM yesterday told a jury of the moment her family's rottweiller jumped from her garden and attacked an eight-year-old girl.
Sir John used to called him his rottweiller, he was so persistent in getting things done.
She said PAs needed to demonstrate tact and diplomacy, as well as the ability to be "the rottweiller at the door", with organisational skills and the ability to manage upwards.
One of the family's two dogs was also killed at the scene in Swindon, Wiltshire, and the mum later made a tearful visit to the scene and left a cuddly toy rottweiller with a poignant note.
She was on holiday when the dogs, a rottweiller named Vince and an alsatian-cross named Digger were found.
WHETHER it's an overgrown garden, a barking rottweiller, or an overenthusiastic DIY nut hammering next door, council housing departments get thousands of complaints from disgruntled tenants every year.