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Synonyms for rotogravure

printing by transferring an image from a photogravure plate to a cylinder in a rotary press

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printed material (text and pictures) produced by an intaglio printing process in a rotary press

using photography to produce a plate for printing


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That's the guarantee offered by Roto Rooter High Desert.
Roto Hammer will sit within the Rotork Gears division.
Entonces donde termino el mundo, vamos y volvemos con la naturaleza en las manos, no hay que ilustrar a la ilustracion con la imagen de su distancia falsa, habria que trabajar con lo impredecible, un terrorismo de la basura, un canto del catastro de sus reacciones de voluntad ciega, de lo inconcluso que es la vida al otro lado de una pantalla, donde lo roto no tiene olor, donde no hay mas que un intento de explicar lo que deberia tener el caracter de lo no pensado.
Cientificos de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Johns Hopkins y de su Instituto de Cardiologia, dirigidos por el cardiologo Ilan Wittstein, aseguraron en un articulo aparecido en la version electronica de The New England Journal of Medicine, que encontraron la causa del sindrome del corazon roto o de Tako-Tsubo.
No obstante las cuentas del secretario del ayuntamiento, Martin Rodriguez, quien presume la creacion de 300 empleos en torno al Cristo Roto, para Abel Sanchez la situacion no es lo que parece: "En San Jose de Gracia no hay empleo.
If you wish to replace a pitted or well-worn barrel in a GI or Mil Spec-type, the Roto barrel should give good results, especially if you also fit a King's match-grade barrel bushing.
Most raw material and of course regrind contains an element of dust that can cause processing problems, particularly for high quantity and technical moulding, therefore making the Roto Dust Separator extremely interesting for the medical and food applications.
This is the experience that, in part, led to my being here on ROTO 12.
However, Spennymoor-based Roto Zip says many people forget the basic safety rules, which can go a long way to avoiding DIY related accidents.
The Western Mail has joined forces with Roto Zip UK Ltd, a major new force in the power tool market, to search for our region's local DIY Rebel Heroes.
Roto Rooter High Desert is now offering free leak detection and video inspection services with any sewer line cleaning job.
Rotork PLC Tuesday has announced two separate deals in which it has bought US manufacturer Roto Hammer Industries Inc and actuator service business Servo Moteurs Service.
Kroes, who had been in retirement, last served as president and chief executive officer of Roto Frank of America, a position he held for 16 years.
Called Rilsan Roto 11 natural grade, it is based on polyamide 11 resin and is designed for applications requiring high-temperature, abrasion, and hydrocarbon fluid resistance, and excellent mechanical strength.
The SHR2 has two attachment points that will allow the mounting of any two Roto design products.