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United States abstract painter (born in Russia) whose paintings are characterized by horizontal bands of color with indistinct boundaries (1903-1970)


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In his essay "Reading Rothko: A Selected Bibliography of His Written Words" in Seeing Rothko: Issues and Debates, edited by Glenn Phillips and Thomas Crow (Getty, 2005), Miguel Lopez-Remiro notes that despite interest in Rothko that has yielded many recent exhibitions and texts, "studies on Rothko have been premised on an approach that sidesteps the important characteristic of unity that appears in so much of his painting as well as in his aesthetic thinking.
Rothko soon became one of the masters of this style.
The literature on abstract expressionism in general and Rothko in particular is extensive, far too large to review here.
That is why the resemblances between a Rothko and the midsummer night sky are neither here nor there.
5) At first glance, Rothko Chapel seems just one of many pieces--like For Franz Kline or De Kooning, for instance--that Feldman titled to underscore this kinship.
Gorky and Rothko committed suicide; Pollock and Smith died in car crashes while driving, both under circumstances that may reflect suicidal intent.
I've called this an essay on Rothko, but it takes the form of a letter to Berger's daughter.
Taking place from 1958 to 1960, this play, which won the Tony Award for Best Play in New York in 2010, explores the reasons behind why Rothko, who along with Jackson Pollock was one of the leaders of the abstract expressionist movement, first accepted then cancelled a lucrative commission for a series of murals at the famous Four Seasons restaurant in the Seagram's Building in New York.
brief account of the five Rothko murals that had been deemed
The critically acclaimed world premiere performance of the creative audiovisual project Rothko in Jazz, featuring the Maris Briezkalns Quintet, first took place at the John F.
Its huge price-tag is largely due to who created it - Mark Rothko, one of America's most celebrated artists.
Mizrahi once produced a line inspired by Mark Rothko.
Proceeds will go towards the maintenance of the Rothko Chapel, in Houston, a gallery inspired by the mural canvases of American painter Mark Rothko.
It's like seeing, say, a Rothko painting without layering onto it theories about what art is supposed to do or what you've read about Rothko's theory of color.
The play, which is presented in collaboration with Alpha Productions, concentrates on artist Mark Rothko and the time frame during which he was preparing a series of murals for the Four Seasons Hotel in New York.