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The new code I'll call it 838, which has the same number of "clicks" on a rotary dial as 603--would be attached to all new phone numbers.
The base unit, alternatively, must have an integrated unit that connects to a rotary dial or touchtone telephone.
A quick flick of a switch near the rotary dial that you turn to engage the six speed auto gearbox allows you to switch from normal mode to Dynamic, to sharpen up the accelerator response, firm the steering and alter the damper setting for performance motoring.
Sitting in my recliner with a rotary dial telephone inches from my hand, I became the focus of a messianic harangue from the techno-deists I live with with.
0, 10, or 15 m/s) is user selectable via the ergonomic rotary dial.
The devices are addressed with an eight-position rotary dial when used with Phoenix Contact wireless interface systems.
If the new technologies leave you wishing for the days of rotary dial phones and elevator operators, you'll appreciate the Web site's easy directions on how to watch and listen to the newest programming on WUSF.
This 500-watt blender features 6 preset speeds on an easy-to-use rotary dial.
Off-the-shelf plug-and-play accessories include manual or pneumatic slide tables, rotary dial tables, and post-cool and part-clamping systems.
My ear is tuned to the dulled note of the ancient rotary dial phone whose ringer I encapsulated with electrician's tape more than two decades ago.
It is also a recognition of the more than $12 billion in economic development activity occurring inside city limits and the major improvements in our municipal service delivery systems that have taken employees from using rotary dial phones to desktop computers.
If you find printed dialing instructions and a phone with either a rotary dial or Touch Tone pad, go directly to the building manager's office and say the phone is out of compliance.
Rotary dial phones, for instance, remain much more widespread in Latin America than in the United States.
We had manual typewriters, mimeograph machines, carbon paper, and of course, a rotary dial telephone.
But the two key operational areas of this vital link in the nation's defense network--its flight operations control center and its aircraft maintenance control center--were left with antiquated rotary dial phones and equally antiquated Bell System electromechanical call directors as their only means of telephone voice communication.