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Synonyms for rotary

Synonyms for rotary

a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island

electrical converter consisting of a synchronous machine that converts alternating to direct current or vice versa

describing a circle

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ShelterBox was conceived by a single Rotarian visionary in the U.
The international Rotarian convention that came to Birmingham last week pumped nearly pounds 25 million into the city's coffers.
Headteacher Lee Thomas said: "We are so grateful to the Rotarians for their donation without which we would still be without a minibus.
The Rotarians also paid for five firetrucks for Ciudad Obregon, Mexico.
For the first race in 1988, which raised money to fight drug abuse, Rotarians ordered about 20,000 rubber ducks from Asia, said David Sohm, a former race chairman who has been involved with the race since its inception.
Welshpool Rotarians raised pounds 2,000 to help with shipping costs and have made a generous donation to the Welshpool branch of the National Fire Service Benevolent Fund in appreciation of the help provided.
The DRRAG network will leverage IGLOO's market leading community platform to connect Rotarians using a range of Web 2.
Wylde Green Rotarians and their supporters joined together to raise PS3,804 for Dementia UK by doing a sponsored walk.
The team, which includes five Mirfield and two Huddersfield Rotarians, will fly out on Tuesday on a self-funding trip costing thousands of pounds.
Rotarians set themselves a challenge to get even more entries this year, promising bigger prizes and a better show.
Kaliszewski challenged his fellow Rotarians to contribute to the Rotary Foundation - even $100 helps, he said - and to promote Rotary projects.
Dear Editor, It is a pity that when The Secretary- General of the United Nations addresses 20,000 Rotarians in Birmingham, our City Council cannot manage to have the fountains working in Victoria Square.
Fifteen Rotarians from the Eugene-Springfield area discovered that Saturday while volunteering at the Delta Ponds.
A letter had been received by the club from District Governor Ian McMinn, congratulating the Rotarians on being part of the entry into the book of Guiness World Records for the Stroke Awareness Day when on one day 127,000 people had their blood pressure tested.
ROTARIANS in Swansea have denied they refused to help with an appeal to build Wales' first children's hospital because it was not being built in their city.