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an arm of the southern Pacific Ocean in Antarctica

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Captain Ronnie Maclean's groundbreaking voyage to the Ross Sea has now been officially recognised in the Guinness Book of Records.
After an early morning weather briefing and takeoff from the sea ice runway at the National Science Foundation's McMurdo Station, the NASA P-3 flew a survey that took researchers across the Ross Sea basin and back.
When Smith and his colleagues fed these global projections into a high-resolution computer model of air-sea-ice dynamics in the Ross Sea, they saw a drastic reduction in the extent and duration of summer sea ice.
The two areas - East Antarctica and Ross Sea - for which this protection has been proposed, note the ministers, are widely recognised for their remarkable ecological and scientific importance.
He has participated in thirteen major oceanographic cruises (for a total of 263 sea days) to the Ross Sea (Antarctica) and elsewhere.
Bertrand, Saito, and colleagues collected water samples from three locales in the highly fertile Ross Sea off Antarctica during a 2005 expedition aboard the icebreaker Nathaniel B.
To determine when such conditions occurred along the Ross Sea area of Antarctica, he and his colleagues carbon-dated Adelie bones, feathers, and eggshells from 21 active and abandoned nesting sites in that region,
The Dry Valleys are part of the Transantarctic Mountains, which form a barrier to the ice sheet flowing slowly from East Antarctica toward the Ross Sea.
As the story goes, Ernest Shackleton was eager to achieve his longtime goal of hiking across the Antarctic from the Weddell Sea to the Ross Sea after failing on a previous endeavor.
The meeting is being hosted by New Zealand at the Scott Base on Antarctica's Ross Sea, and attended by ministers or senior officials from 24 other countries, all of which are consultative parties to the Antarctic Treaty.
With an area of 1,073 square kilometers (approximately 57 kilometers long and 19 kilometers wide), the iceberg - named A-38 - was the biggest to break off an ice shelf in the Southern Hemisphere since the loss of the 60-kilometer-long B-9 iceberg in the Ross Sea in October 1987.
At the foot of the Beardmore glacier, they pick up the first of another series of depots previously placed by the Ross Sea party over the last 300 miles across the Ross Iceshelf.
He will have more than just cold to worry about during the final two swims - at the Bay of Whales in the Ross Sea and Peter I Island in the Amundsen Sea.