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The extracted oil of Rosmarinus officinalis resulted in a mortality above 50 % of the aphid that was (52.
Rosmarinus officinalis has been traditionally used for dyspeptic complaints and as an antispasmodic agent for the gall bladder and small intestines.
Antibacterial activity and anticancer activity of Rosmarinus officinalis L essential oil compared to that of its main components.
Prevention of radiation induced hematological alterations by medicinal plant Rosmarinus officinalis, in mice.
22; Ulrich 2007: 63 4047-89-37 Pistacia lentiscus 4047-89-38 Olea europaea 4047-89-62 Rosmarinus officinalis 4047-89-100 Buxus sp.
Chayote Sw (DDMS 2670) Flacourtiaceae Casearia sylvestris Cha-de-Bugre Sw (DDMS 2313) Lamiaceae Rosmarinus officinalis Rosemary diuret L.
Comparative evaluation of the antimicrobial activities of essential oils of Artemisia afra, Pteronia incana and Rosmarinus officinalis on selected bacteria and yeast strains.
Like other garden plants, herbs divide into those with woody stems, such as rosemary (another recommended herb is Rosmarinus officinalis 'Siss-inghurst Blue', which helps halitosis, can improve concentration and also a good pick me up for those suffering from a hangover), soft-stemmed perennials such as lemon balm and thyme and annuals grown every year from seed like basil.
Other plants, like lavandula and rosmarinus, produce aromatic oils that evaporate on hot days and cool the plant, reducing the need to use water.
The most common variety for cooking is Rosmarinus officinalis which grows more than 3ft if not kept in check,producing tiny pale blue flowers.
In general, the high hair density is an adaptation to reduce transpiration under conditions of water stress or strong solar radiation, as has been shown in certain Labiatae and Scrophulariaceae, such as Stachys, Rosmarinus, and Verbascum (Johnson, 1975; Jeffree, 1986).
However, a few select plants will be available in Q3, 2011, including Abelia Kaleidoscope, Buxus Golden Dream, Ceanothust El Dorado, Rosmarinus Roman Beauty and Agapanthus Gold Strike, among others.
There are many families that use Rosmarinus Officinalis in their recipes and baking foods, so by doing this wrong action the lead gets into the foods and then into the body.