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brasiliensis, from the Rosidae, was selected as the industry standard; P.
Specifically, Saxifraga and Rhizophora are both positioned in the subclass, Rosidae (sensu Cronquist, 1981).
o bien en la filogenia de algunas familias de la Subclase Rosidae, en especial las del complejo Rosanae y Geranianae (Takhtajan, 1997), donde pueden encontrarse sin duda algunas semejanzas (Rosaceae-Chysobalanaceae, Vochysiaceae s.
Most of the taxa that Cronquist (1981) and Takhtajan (1997) placed in their Asteridae or separately in the Asteridae, Lamiidae and Cornidae are still accommodated in the current concept of Asteridae, but several other taxa traditionally placed in the Dillenidae and Rosidae have also been proven to be asterids (compare the three classification systems in "Appendix A").
Distribucion: especies tipicamente tropicales en America, Africa y Asia; sobre especies de las subclases Magnoliidae, Hamameliidae, Dilleniidae, Rosidae y Asteridae.
Rosidae y Asteridae, de la clase Magnoliopsida; y, de las subclases Commelinidae, Zingiberidae y Liliidae de la clase Liliopsida.
is largely absent from the traditional Rosidae, with the tricolporate
This raises the possibility that this group represents a distinct "rosid" radiation separate from much of the traditional subclass Rosidae with its possible sapindopsoid or cunoniaceous origins (Hickey & Wolfe, 1975; Takhtajan 1980, 1983; Cronquist, 1981; Dickison, 1989).
In the large structural study on Rosidae by Hufford (1992), several new results came out that were later confirmed by molecular studies, such as nonmonophyly of hamamelids, the close relationships of Loasaceae and Hydrangeaceae, and the position of Sarraceniaceae in asterids.