tug of war

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a vying with others for victory or supremacy

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Also, the event was highlighted by beach workouts, football, volleyball, running for children and adults, distribution of T-shirts, healthy meals, hygiene kits provided by Chevron Phillips -- Qatar, and recreational games and competitions such as rope pulling, jumping and sack racing with prizes for the winners.
Activities included cricket, football, rope pulling, balloon blast, short race and pick and run.
The new art of rope pulling (once called tug-of-war) will be demonstrated and the many animals to be seen will include alpacas.
He had rope pulling his legs towards his chest so he was in the foetal position.
He noted that the transfer of the image from the Quirino Grandstand to the carriage was more orderly compared during the previous years when devotees troop to the stage to get hold of the image or the rope pulling the carriage even while the mass was ongoing.