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a plant hormone that promotes root formation and bud growth

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Rooting powder also contains a fungicide to protect the new plant against diseases.
Photo: 1 Moisten two large handfuls of sphagnum moss (less for a smaller plant); sprinkle with rooting powder
Take hardwood cuttings of The base can then be dipped into speciallyformulated hormone rooting powder.
Take the cuttings in early morning or late evening when it's cooler and pot up into a seed and cutting compost after dipping in hormone rooting powder.
Dip the tip into hormone rooting powder, then put six cuttings around the edge of a 12cm pot filled with 50 per cent seed compost and 50 per cent sharp sand or perlite, watering in well and leaving to drain.
In future, dip your cuttings in a rooting powder that contains fungicide and root them in a warm place.
The base can then be dipped into specially-formulated hormone rooting powder.
The base can then be dipped into hormone rooting powder.
Dip the base of the cutting into hormone rooting powder before placing it into well prepared ground.
Some cuttings will benefit from a hormone rooting powder or solution and it will often speed up the process of rooting and increase the percentage of cuttings that root.
Use hormone rooting powder if you like but, at this time of year, penstemons root incredibly easily.
Cut beneath a leaf node where there is a concentration of growth hormones, dip in some rooting powder and plant in a pot.
Dip the base into hormone rooting powder, make a slit trench in a well cultivated but vacant area of the garden, push the cuttings in vertically, 30cm (12in) apart and firm the soil back around them, closing the trench.
Bend shoots down to the ground, slit the stem, dust with rooting powder and bury that portion of the stem in the soil.
Remove the little half-moon-like leaves surround the joint and dip the bottom of the cutting in hormone rooting powder.