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a plant hormone that promotes root formation and bud growth

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Photo: 1 Moisten two large handfuls of sphagnum moss (less for a smaller plant); sprinkle with rooting powder
Rooting powder also contains a fungicide to protect the new plant against diseases.
An alternative to rooting powder or hormone rooting gel is Vitamin C.
Dip the base into hormone rooting powder, make a slit trench in a well cultivated but vacant area of the garden, push the cuttings in vertically, 30cm (12in) apart and firm the soil back around them, closing the trench.
Take two inch semi-ripe cuttings from non-flowering shoots this month (August), strip off the lower leaves, dip ends first in water and then rooting powder, and shake off the surplus.
Dip in rooting powder and plant in rows in a trench.
If you're taking cuttings from evergreens such as escallonia, remove the lower leaves and dip the base of the cutting into a hormone rooting powder.
Officers also discovered rooting powder, 20 bottles of fertilizer, spare light bulbs and a bag of cannabis.
Remember to use a sharp knife when preparing the cuttings, treat yourself to some new rooting powder, use clean containers and fresh compost and keep the young cuttings away from direct sunlight until they are well rooted.
The base of the cutting is then dipped in hormone rooting powder.
Use hormone rooting powder if you like but, at this time of year, penstemons root incredibly easily.
Choose newer shoots, remove the bottom leaves and cut the rest in half to reduce transpiration, then dip in rooting powder.
I used welldraining compost and I dipped the cutting in hormone rooting powder only to see my attempt wither to brown then black tips.
Don't forget to buy some rooting powder whilst you are at the garden centre.
20c - Pre-war gardeners used custard powder as a substitute for rooting powder.